Frequently Asked Questions

Is Montessori for every child?

Ask yourself the following questions.  If your answer is yes then our program is for you!

- Do I believe that my child should be in a classroom that places much of the responsibility on the child for making their own choices and choosing appropriate learning materials and activities?

- Do I believe in the benefits of and support the Montessori classroom organization that mixes students of different ages, often a 3 year span?

- Do I support the belief that this Montessori program fosters self-reliance and responsibility therefore encouraging my child's growth toward independence?

- Do I support the Montessori belief that no one educates another person?  That children educate themselves?  The teacher's role is to provide the materials, opportunity and environment where such positive learning may take place, but the Montessori philosophy prohibits "forced" learning.

- Do I encourage my child to make choices and to take responsibility at home?

- Do I understand the emphasis on cooperation versus competition in the classroom?

- Is my approach to discipline based upon natural and logical consequences?

How many days should I enrol my child?

Each child is different, so the answer to this question is generalized.

3 years  2-3 days per week
4 years 3-4 days per week
Kindergarten 5 days per week

Why are payments the same each month when each month has a different number of teaching days?

Each program is based on a yearly fee that is calculated by the total number of teaching days in the year.  The fees are then broken up into 10 equal payments from September to June for ease of payment.

What is the registration fee for?

The registration fee is broken up into two parts.  The first part is a $25 yearly administration fee.  The second part is a $75 fee to cover special art supplies, some specialized Montessori equipment, journals, workbooks, special class events like cooking and special guests, culture study materials, Kindermusik classes, report cards, graduation ceremonies, and a spectacular scrapbook that each child receives at the end of the year to commemorate their year at preschool.

How does open snack work?

Each child is required to bring one snack item per class.  This item should be enough for one child, not the whole class.  All snack items are placed in the snack basket when the child enters the classroom.  The snack is prepared by the staff for the children and is put out buffet style.  During the work period, children can choose when they would like snack and what they would like to eat.  Of course, there are many reminders to wash hands, how much is appropriate to take and what happens to left over snack.  Some children are so busy that they forget to have snack.  Staff members are sure to remind each child to have snack during the work period.

What should my child bring for snack?

We do our best to encourage healthy eating.  Please do not pack sugary snacks or meat products.  Fruits, vegetables, cheese and crackers are most common.  Some children bring healthy baking, dry cereal or pretzels.  Water is provided for the children.  Please do not send juice.  A list of food allergies will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Please do your very best to avoid sending these items as some allergies can be life threatening.






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